The Universe - Original The Universe - Original

The Universe


©2009 Monica Erosa
Oil on sculptured canvas, 610x610x40mm

The spirals and coils seems to describe unfolding energy. They beautifully illuminate cyclical time as well as the pulse of life coming from the sun.

The universe as a progression through 4 worlds, each of one denser than the last; the archetypal, the creative, the formative, and the material.

"It is the reunion" with the unconscious laws of our being and the purpose of this reunion is the attainment of conscious life.... the realization of the "Tao".

Consider yourself reunited. You can triumph in all your undertakings. That is the power Universe bestows on you.

Things are coming together for you now. Feel the power in your innermost being.
This image acknowledges your achievements with a huge medal to mark your worth.


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