Sun - Original Sun - Original


©2012 Monica Erosa
Oil on sculptured canvas, 916x916x40mm

"The SunPowerful creative energy comes from orange.
Your heath, your energy, and your sexuality lie in your orange energy chakra, witch is centered in your reproductive organs.

Orange, the opposite of blue, is a bold colour, a colour of worldly triumph.
Wake up! Sense its positive energy in you as you the image.
Let the Sun's fiery rays through your entire body. Meditate under the sun, perhaps at dawn. Orange stimulates your thyroid gland and tends
to expand your lungs. It also stimulates your speen and pancreas and aids in your circulation.
Radiate with sun's splendour. Feel, now, your sense of strength and purpose. Fruitful and powerful actions can result from your positive
thoughts and feelings- your sunny, vital thoughts.

Brilliance is yours, in all forms. Today Sun teams up with your thoughts, your movements, and your success.


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