Soul Centered Business Symbols

Process to develop the birth of an symbol for Soul Centered Business

When working with a spiritually aware corporate client it is vital to be clear on the values and ethics of the company as well as its purpose and missions. The consultation occurs as a collaboration with the key stakeholders in the company and its director/s. The process becomes an intense constructive, creative and clarifying experience for those involved.

It is important for those involved to be clear on the core values and beliefs of the company as well as its purpose prior to the creation of the corporate image. To ensure that these essential agreements among the stakeholders and director are in place a pre consultation questionnaire is offered and professional mentoring may be suggested to facilitate this process.

Each key person is interviewed and essential components of the design are incorporated synergistically. The resultant corporate logo and image will represent something greater than the sum of those components, often simplified into a striking simple immediately recognisable symbol and theme.

Case study: "Taijitu Symbol"

Taijitu-soul-centered-business-250The purpose of The Taijitu Wholeness Institute is to teach and model Joy Passion and Purpose in our lives. The institute provides healing and spiritual tools, training, coaching and support for individuals seeking a more balanced, joyous life and offers spiritual professionals training, coaching and support to achieve a more balanced, joyous and profitable business.

The brief required a balance between the masculine and feminine components, the executive and the creative. This was to be symbolised within the personal and professional aspects of life and to indicate a state of “Core Resonance” and harmony within the energy of the individual. The company name Taijitu (yin yang symbol) indicated that this would be a key symbol to be incorporated into the design.

As I sat with the founders of this company the dynamic fluidity and balance of the scales became apparent to me. The divine light moving down through the scales igniting each chakra and connecting to mother earth resonated with each of us. One core belief of the company is that it is important to hold a strong foundation in our root chakra so that we are able to align divine energy from the crown chakra with the power of manifestation from mother earth energy. Hence the Root Chakra is enlarged and radiant.

In a single powerful image the core values and beliefs as well as the purpose of the company are symbolised.

If you resonate with the tenor of Monica Erosa’s works, a commissioned piece may be created in alignment with your soul purpose. This process is a powerful growth experience and results in a deeply personal symbolic artwork. From the beginning of the relationship with Monica to the completion of the final piece may take up to 6 months. These are works of incredible spiritual dedication and attunement with your path. To participate in the co-creation of your unique soul image, please email us, and Monica will contact you by phone or Skype.


Whether you are ordering a commissioned piece or an existing artwork, we offer Unconditional Guarantee. If for whatever you reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, simply notify us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a full reimbursement of your purchase amount minus shipping costs, within 7 days of the receipt of your art work.